5 Reasons Why Living Near Your Parents is A Blessing

Updated: Feb 1, 2019

Fun fact: all of us Ms. Young HomeOwners on the team purchased properties in our hometowns, more or less. That said, we all have the luxury of living in close proximity to our parents!

Now, some people may be planning to move as far away from their hometown as possible. Others have simply moved out of state after college or for their career. Its all good either way. We’re just here to let you know that there are some major blessings in living close to the fam.

1.) FREE FOOD: when money is looking tight & the pantry is looking bare lol, you can rest assure that mom/auntie/grandma will always have a meal on the stove. Moms/aunties/grandma’s love feeding people anyway so its definitely a blessing to be able to stop by for Sunday dinners.

2.) Semi-free groceries: LOL if your family shops at Costco or BJ’s, then you already know they have an OC surplus of household items. Seeing as how you just purchased a whole entire property and/or moved out, they should be happy to lend some paper towels, extra toilet tissue or cleaning supplies.

3.) Safety Net: living on your own means inevitably locking yourself out of your own place. Its bound to happen. Having family close by allows them to come to your rescue in emergency situations. Our suggestion is to give a trusted relative a spare key just in case.

4 & 5.) Overall convenience & love: moving out can be scary & overwhelming; whether you’re buying a house or not. Having familiar faces close by offers some comfort. Plus if anything breaks at your place, you can just go to your family’s house as a backup lol.

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