My Weekend at The Lake: An Ode To Black Generational Inheritance (Pt. 2)

So that trip I took to Fox Lake in Angola, Indiana really had me in my feelings (lol). I can’t shake the fact that there’s this cute little vacation town, existing in the world, specifically designated for black families to own a beautiful lake home.

It got me thinking: black people deserve nice things...PERIOD! And not just ‘nice things’, but valuable, appreciating assets that we can pass down from one generation to the next, such as a family business or property. For me, that’ll be a quintessential sign of my success: the leverage (leg up) I provide my children as a result of my hard work, choices and ‘nice things’ I can pass down to them. Whether that’s selling my properties in order for them to go to college loan-free, or gifting them the legacy of family real estate. It’s a narrative that can and should be more common among black families, but rarely is.

Owning businesses and properties, in general, is still not the norm for a lot of black families in America. Based on an article I read by the National Association of Real Estate Brokers (NAREB), only 40.6% of black American families achieved home ownership in 2019, compared to 73.1% of white American families. This is a stark contrast. A primary home is still a far fetched reality for too many Black families, let alone a vacation oasis property.

I guess before you can dream about having ‘nice things’, like a vacation property on the lake, you gotta first secure your everyday living space. Why can’t black families aspire to have a house on the beach or lake, overlooking the mountains? Why can’t owning a vacation home with annual family cookouts there be the norm? Where going jet skiing on the lake and having a morning cup of coffee overlooking a scenic view is the typically summertime vibe. We deserve these things and more, but very rarely is it ever afforded to us.

My time at the lake really underscored the fact that lake-front properties are not the norm among black families, at least the ones I know (and I know a lot, lol). It made me sad, but also motivated me to ensure that this was a new norm and standard that I could one day start for my family and inspire in others. We’re a culture that’s proud of being bad & boujee and it’s time we manifest that confidence and can-do attitude into creating generational wealth. Owning a home(s) is a great way to do that!!!!

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