Tips for 1st Time Homeowners for Inclement Winter Weather

For those in the DMV area, we experienced our 1st snowfall of the winter. Weather you love or hate snow, you gotta know how to take care of your property during inclement weather. We wanted to pass along a few quick tips to make sure you stay ready this winter season:

1.) Invest in weather stripping: this basically means sealing your windows and doors to keep warmth in and air out. Typically available in any hardware store, make sure you check your windows, doors, vents, and fans before the OC cold hits so you can assess any air leaks.

2.) Clean your gutters: when I was younger, I never knew what this meant, but this is key to ensuring water drains away from your roof and house. You wanna make sure their clean before winter hits lowkey because they can get clogged and freeze which is no good.

3.) Evaluate your roof: this shouldn’t be too much of a concern for new construction homes, but something to consider for all. When its cold, heat escaping your home can melt and refreeze ice/snow on your roof. This causes ice dams. These block off drains and let water and ice continually build up on your roof. Also no good.

4.) Invest in a roof rake if things get real: hopefully we won’t experience this much snow, but research shows that the average roof can hold up to 4 feet of fresh snow before its stressed. This can possible lead to a roof collapse (nightmare). So investing in a simple roof rake can help mitigate that situation.

5.) Protect the pipes: research shows that a pipe bust can cost up to $5,000...who has time for that?! Keeping the heat on can help prevent your pipes from freezing. Be sure to let your faucets drip during serious cold period to provide relief for your pipes. Some folks even insulate their pipes that are exposed to cold temperatures. You can use foam rubber or fiberglass sleeves.

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