What’s For You is For You

So of course we’re here to promote homeownership amongst millennial women right? However, we just wanted to throw out a message right quick: what’s for YOU is for YOU! Never should there be a rush or crazy pressure to purchase a property. It’s no small decision and shouldn’t be taken lightly. You may be in a position where staying home and saving for another year is the best decision for you. Or you may be between cities for your job and traveling a lot, so renting is more suitable for your situation. What’s for YOU is for YOU! So long as you take the necessary time to reflect and research on whatever decision you make, all is well. You’re on no one’s timeline but your own. If homeownership is your ultimate goal, don’t rush it. You’ll get there sis. Take your time to do your homework, which includes saving and paying off any debt. “Comparison is the thief of joy”. As we continue into the 1st month of the new year, don’t forget to focus on yourself and remember that what’s for you is for you.

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